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Casino Sic Bo: Watching Where You Play

Playing sic bo directly in a land-based casino has its advantages. The sights and sounds of the casino, the atmosphere itself, the live action and the physical presence of other players may all draw you to an actual casino to play sic bo. Although it is much more convenient to play online, if you're going to a casino anyway, you just might want to check out this game. Just be sure to know what the odds are at your chosen casino, because they can vary quite a bit.

The Different Odds

The long and short of it is, the casino you choose to play sic bo at can make a big difference on how much money stays in your pocket. The Atlantic City casino has much better odds than the Riviera, for example.

Let's take a look at one of the bets to demonstrate this. If you bet on the four in the three number totals bet, your probability of winning is 1.39%. However, the Riviera casino pays at 50:1. Compare this to Atlantic City's pay of 60:1, and the difference is quite significant. At the Riviera, the house edge works out to 29.17%, but at the Atlantic City casino sic bo game, the house edge is almost half that, at 15.28%. You can see who is the clear winner here. Although you shouldn't go into any gambling game expecting to make money, the least you can do is minimize your losses.

Likewise, you'll want to check out what the online casinos' odds are to make sure you're playing at the one with the best odds.

Preparing to Play

Before you start playing casino sic bo, you will definitely want to not only acquaint yourself with the basics of the game, which you can find in our How to Play Sic Bo section, but you'll also want to spend some time practicing with a free online sic bo game. You can find one at many online casinos, just make sure you play at a trusted casino that has been around for awhile. Playing online will help you pin down your strategy and become familiar with the odds, what bets to stay away from, and what bets are good. Walking into a casino and starting out with real money right away is not a wise choice, as the game is rather unforgiving for beginners. Although simple, you'll definitely want to watch what bets you make. Check out our Sic Bo Download section to find out more about where you can play online for free without risking your hard earned cash. Casino sic bo may be tempting to play while visiting the casino, but just watch your bankroll, and learn the game before diving in.

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