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How to Play Sic Bo: The Basics

Sic bo, also known as Tai Sai or Dai Siu (Big Small), is played on a table that is not so different from a roulette or craps table. The layout has many numbers and dice faces depicted on it, each area representing a combination that can be made with the three dice that the game uses. The rules of sic bo are relatively straightforward, so you'll know how to play sic bo like a pro in now time!

The object of the game, simply enough, is to predict the outcome of the next roll of the dice. The game begins when the dealer shakes the three dice in a shaker, which hide the dice until all bets are placed. After this, the dealer removes the shaker's cover and shows the result by lighting up the section of the layout that corresponds to what was rolled. And that's all there is to how to play sic bo! After this, the whole process starts over again.

The table layout, as well as the payout and odds, may be different from casino to casino, so it is best to become accustomed to what these are at the casino or online casino that you play at so you'll know how to play. Sic bo doesn't exactly have the simplest table, so you also might want to check out our Sic Bo Layout section to see how a typical sic bo table is layed out.


Another variation of sic bo is called chuck-a-luck, or Birdcage. This variation usually includes only the single digit bets, but sometimes has another bet known as Any Triple, where you win if all three dice come up the same. This game used to be common in some areas, but is quite rare now, having largely been replaced with sic bo.

Now that you know how to play sic bo, check out the odds of sic bo in our Sic Bo Odds section, or brush up on your Sic Bo Strategy.

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