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Sic Bo Online: Why and Where to Play

If you’re looking for a game of free online sic bo, or sic bo for real money, just click the banner to go to a respected online casino to play. If you are here to simply learn about playing sic bo online, continue reading for a good guide to how you can decide where to play sic bo online, what the benefits of playing sic bo online are, and more.

Online, sic bo is a totally different game. Not only is there the obvious lack of a physical presence of a dealer, but you are also the only player at the table. This allows you to take your time and not worry about how long you take to make your bets. It also allows you the opportunity to play in your underwear, if you so choose. This pressure-free environment is quite appealing to some, but there are much more important differences as well.

One more obvious, yet important consideration when deciding to play online or land-based sic bo, is the environment. In a casino, they're always trying to distract you and loosen you up with entertainment, free drinks, and half-naked women. Not only do you risk getting drunk and losing your judgment, but the entertainment, booze and women, along with the lack of clocks and windows, may keep you at the casino much longer than you intended to stay. However, the simple convenience of an online casino may also prove to be a danger, and you'll want to carefully monitor how much money you're spending, as electronic money may not seem as real as cold hard cash. It will sure seem real when you don't have enough money to pay the bills, however.

The Comps

The next point about online sic bo is relatively important. Internet casinos do not comp their players the same as land-based casinos. Regular casinos may give complimentary gifts in the form of meals, a room, or other little goodies. Since online casinos can't exactly reward you int his way, they give you sign up incentives instead. You'll want to check around to find the casino that has the best sign up bonus. They may offer 200% sign up bonuses, or even 300% sign up bonuses. Make sure to read the fine print, however, as there are always stipulations as to how much money you must spend before you are eligible to cash out your sign up bonus. This may also be a consideration in picking the best casino.

The Reputation

Don't let the sign up bonus be the only thing that helps you decide where to play online though. Even more important is the reputation that the online casino in question has. Make sure the casino has been around for awhile. Read some reviews and be sure that the casino is known for timely and fair payouts. See if there is an independent body that monitors the casino to ensure the odds of its games are in line with regular casinos and that they are what they say they are. There are literally hundreds of online casinos out there, and it wouldn't be hard to put up a shady casino site to collect credit card numbers, or to give games an unfair house edge.

But don't let these issues scare you away. If you do a bit of research and read a few reviews, it's quite easy to find a well established, reputable casino online to play sic bo. Once you give online sic bo a try, you're sure to discover that it's just as fun to play as its land-based counterpart! If you're looking to play right now, a good place to start is our Free Sic Bo Download section.

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